Achuth Hadnoor

Achuth Hadnoor

Developer & UI/UX Designer

👋 Hey, I am adesigner,developer,writerandmaker.
I craft digital products that are used by creators. If you're curious, read more.


Achuth Hadnoor

Production ready electron app setup with ReactJS

April 28, 2021
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Achuth Hadnoor
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I'm a developer by day, and I like to keep challenging myself with side projects to stay creative.

Web/MacOs Application

I create Apps for Web and MacOs with beautiful interfaces for better User Experience.

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Web Design

I design interfaces for digital products.

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Nocode Applications

I create No code hyper apps using Webflow, Airtable, Glide etc.

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Notion Templates

I create templates for notion to manage your life. Few usecases include daily planer, resume template, Personal Journal etc.

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I help you to understand idea, requirements and advice on building your first Minimum Viable Product.

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